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Stop managing your call recordings!

You make lots of sales calls to your customers. You take a lot of service calls from your customers…you record & store thousands of audio-files. Managing these call recordings on a sustainable basis is challenging because of the sheer volume of tele-transactions. So whether your requirement is:
  - Quality measurement
  - Regulatory
  - Or just good ol' Archiving ... TRAC does it all.

/// TRAC the easiest way to manage your call recordings

Easy transfer of audio-files to cloud servers

Simple search interface to identify & download the audio-files when required

Cuts down expensive and tedious to manage physical storage

Reduces risk of data loss with one single application managing all audio-files

Insurance & Banking in India : Completely handle your Storage, Retrieval & Regulatory audit requirements with TRAC. Request a Demo to know more.

/// Feature Set

Secure Cloud Storage

Unlimited Storage

Encrypted and secure storage

Auto purge on business rules

Multiple call centers

Multiple voice formats supported - vox, wma, mp3

In-built media player

Customizble Quality measurement and Call Scoring Tool

Tag important calls

Attach more customer data to audio-files, whenever you want and make your trac app more intelligent.

Secure Cloud Storage

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