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Our Philosophy

We love software. In fact, we crave good software.

We also think that developers who make good software are hard to come by. So we keep things simple - We look for skilled & passionate developers and make them an offer they can't refuse (pizza + beer usually does the trick).

Once on board, we let them do what they do best (apart from playing Tower Defense, & blog wars), that is, creating great products.

Zen of Glitterbug

  • If it does not solve a problem, it's not software, it's a piece of code.
  • A product is only as good, as easy it is to use
  • News of a new client is good, of a returning client is fantastic.
  • Good products must not always come from the Valley, they can come from any alley.


We like & understand servers, and data centers of your office, but we love the cloud. So if you're thinking cloud, think with the people who live on them. It's time to - Free. Your. Mind.

Business Apps near you

India is the go-to nation for IT, but we still think that Indian businesses sorely need the deft touch of new age software and apps. Let's add more value to ourselves. We could be the change we want to see.

You & your customer

How your customers interact with you, decides where your business is going. We think of our customers as superheroes. We are certain that you do too. Every line of code we write helps our superheroes serve their's better, faster, and smarter.

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